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Our passion is to assist companies from start-ups to SME’s with their business driver and vehicle management (fleet)  to meet their legislative compliance. We fully understand how many businesses do not believe that they have a fleet or any obligations in this area, however, we have yet to speak to a business where they actually don’t use vehicles to assist with their business activities.

Business driver and vehicle management support

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A fleet is generally seen as a large group of vehicles such as vans that are sign written and on the road nearly all day every day. What about the business that has no company cars etc. but has employees that use their own vehicles? Yes, these are what is known as a grey fleet and quite often create a bigger headache for business owners to manage. “Manage, what has it got to do with business, it’s their car not the business’s?” Well actually everything, you are making use of an employee’s vehicle for your business so you have a responsibility in law to ensure that their vehicle is safe (well maintained), taxed, insured for business use and MOT’d when over 3 years old. You must also know that the employee is licenced to drive that particular vehicle and be able to evidence this. You must also have policies and procedures that are fit for purpose and again be able to evidence that your employee’s have read and understood them. You can now see where we fit in, because we take  away the pain and assist you through everything and afterwards help you to stay compliant.

We appreciate the additional pressures and demands that having a fully compliant fleet brings. Add to that the changes to legislation in 2007 which extended a company’s Health and Safety responsibilities to include their vehicles as they go about the company’s business, I can see why many companies are falling behind with their compliance and duty of care obligations.




Whether you know it as Driving at Work, On Road Risk, Fleet Risk or Occupational Road Risk, they all mean the same if you dig into their meanings. Companies have a lawful Duty of Care for their employees and under the legislation changes in 2008 they also have a lawful Duty of Care for the members of public that their vehicles may encounter whilst carrying out business duties/tasks.

A simple request to a member of staff to pop up the shop to get milk for the staff canteen or the Post Office to post a letter could, put a company at risk; if they have failed to put the required policies and procedures in place and that member of staff was to become involved in an incident. I can hear the derision already from that analogy but hang on, would you let the same employee take a company vehicle that is out of tax, mot, insurance or unroadworthy? I’d like to think not, but all too often we am finding companies that have no idea at all of the condition of their employee’s vehicles; as soon as they are used for a business journey/activity the business owners are liable!

Whilst our software is second to none and was developed from the bottom up so to speak, it’s not just about our software, we are with you all the way. Many systems are designed by programmers and not end users which can make them difficult to use, not ours. Designed by an experienced end user you will see how user friendly, flexible and complete this software is. It can seriously reduce the headache that total and compliant fleet management brings.

Business driver and vehicle management has never been so easy.

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